Friday, December 13, 2013

Random Sh!t: 12/13/13, UPDATE, Ted Nugent Edition

                                              Ted Nugent is the gift that keeps on giving.

But first...

A brief follow up to The Blog's last post.

After a nearly 36 hour disappearance, Fox "News" anchor Megyn Kelly, known (up until Wednesday night,) to outside observers like me as, "The Smart One," returned to the airwaves, no not airwaves. What do we call a cable broadcast? Damned if I know. The cable-waves? Whatever.

                                                   I know. Still sexist. But, it is what it is. 
I apologize.

                                                                  "Not sexist. Sexy."

Anyway, Megyn Kelly returned to Fox and issued an apology for her tone deaf, historically ignorant comments about the melanin content of the indisputably historical figures, Jesus and Santa Claus.

I'm sorry. Did I say "apology?"

I meant...


See? The problem wasn't Ms. Kelly's clueless-ness.

The problem was that some people just can't take a joke.

Oh, well then. When she puts it that way...

The Blog feels bad, now.

But, since we are on the subject...

While The PC was busy not getting Ms. Kelly's nuanced sense of satire...

He nearly missed one interesting point.

According to Ms. Kelly,
"Just because it makes you feel uncomfortable, doesn't mean it has to change."
As a television production employee who has endured countless hours of mandatory sexual harassment seminars, this Blog has to say that Ms. Kelly may be mistaken about that.

I don't know. Maybe the policies at CBS are different than those at News Corp.

Given the fact that Bill "Falafel/Loofah" O'Reily remains employed by Fox...

Maybe, "Just because it makes you feel uncomfortable, doesn't mean it has to change," might be part of News Corp.'s mission statement.

Moving on...


The Blog actually spotted this actual bumper sticker on an actual car's actual bumper, today.

Back in 2004, just after Bush/Cheney was reelected to the position of the most powerful man (men) in the world...

The PC printed up a t-shirt that said, "Franken/Moore: 2008."

Just to annoy Republicans.

Because The Blog wasn't serious. He was just being satirical.

Al Franken, at that time, was still a radio personality/comedy writer/performer.

Michael Moore was, and still is, an "agent provocateur."

In English, "A hilarious shit stirrer."

The PC never would have imagined that, by 2008, Al Franken would be "Senator Al Franken."

So, The Blog want's to give this car owner the benefit of the doubt.

This car owner is just being "funny," to get a rise out of Obama loving liberals.


He can't actually believe that The Nuge, a proud pedophile and pants shitting draft dodger...

                                               Thanks to for this graphic. a credible candidate for President.

I laughed.

Because, contrary to Megyn Kelly's claim...

Liberals do know a joke when they see one.

The PC just worries that Conservatives don't.

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