Friday, January 10, 2014

An Open Letter to My Conservative Facebook Friends

Dear Conservative Facebook Friends,

It's true, The Blog does have a few conservative friends.

Several of you are "friended" with The PC on Facebook.

Some are old, old friends that go all the way back to our school days.

Some are past or present coworkers.

A couple are "friends" that The Blog has never, actually, met. We, either, have mutual FB friends, or we met in some chat room or message board, back in the day when those were common.

Some of you, share a long internet friendship with me.

We have had some really stimulating, civil debates.

But, in recent weeks, your posts and comments have become, increasingly, vile and hateful.

And I will have none of that.

You say that you don't really care about politics... but you keep posting outright lies...

                                                                       Like this one.

Actually, no. "Obamacare" does not require a photo ID.

"Obamacare" is not, actually, a thing.

Most states have set up their own ACA exchange web sites. Those that haven't have passed the responsibility off onto the federal government's web site.

None of them require, or even have the ability, to require the uploading of a photo ID.

I get that you aren't that interested in politics and can't be bothered to check your facts.

But this is a blatant lie. It is irresponsible of you to keep spreading disinformation.

I keep calling you out on this stuff, because, I cling to the hope that I can teach you something.

I am. seriously, about ready to give up. 

If you are seeing this now, we are still "friended."

But, if you don't see my name on your "friends" list 24 hours from now...

It is because I have purged your toxic shit from my FB page.

My page is still "public."

You can still contact me via "private message."

And, some of you have my personal e-mail address.

You can still communicate with me via those means.

But, don't bother asking me why I "unfriended" you on FB.

You have a 1st Amendment right to hate on The President, and his wife, and his kids, and liberals.

Have at it.

But, you're not going to do it on my FB wall, anymore.

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