Thursday, January 9, 2014

Post #501

Oh damn!

Did you see what The Blog just did?

Your Uncle PC just squandered his 500th post on a freaky, mini, armadillo and a freakier, super-sized, New Jersey governor and (as of tonight) former GOP presidential front runner.

Oh well.

The Blog's second anniversary is still a couple weeks down the line.

Maybe it will be more epic.

But, thanks anyway, to all of my loyal bloglitts and the occasional or accidental visitor.

I appreciate you all!

If you think that The Blog has been cranky and offensive, at times, over the last 500 posts...

Buckle up and strap on...

Your humble PC has, barely gotten started.

The Blog will be taking off the gloves in the next few weeks.

Trust me.

It's going to be bumpy ride.

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