Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Commie Sandwiches

What is it with the all the Michelle Obama hate out there?

Has any FLOTUS in the history of the U.S.ofA. ever been subjected to such a steady spew of disrespect?

Way back at the beginning of Pres. Obama's first term, Michelle chose her pet project, (as all First Ladies do.) And her project is fitness and nutrition. How controversial can that be?

Laura Bush's issue was libraries. Where was the derision aimed at that, oh so socialist, agenda?

But, when Mrs. O suggested growing our own food in gardens, that was just hippy liberalism.

When she promoted exercise, it was jackbooted Naziism.

When she told us how good it is to drink more water...


The Blog keeps hoping that Mrs. O will come out in favor of breathing, next.

(Did I mention that public libraries are the epitome of socialism? That Laura Bush was a total pinko.)

Then, last week, Michelle did the unthinkable.

She partnered with a giant, free market, capitalist corporation that has a semi-deserved reputation for semi-healthy nutrition...


And, as you can imagine, the knee-jerk, tea bagging, conserva-twits turned their Obama derangement up to 11 and let Comrade Subway know of their displeasure.

(And, their racism and semi-literacy.)

The Teapublicans are so angry that they are choking on their Chick-fil-a™ sammitches.

Here are just a few posts littering the Subway™ Facebook page...

                              Oh, Paula! Cracker barrel [sic] misses you and wants you back!

                                                                     Enjoy, Robert!
                              No, Bobby, they aren't "to" bright. I "beat" that you aren't, either.

                                                Uhm. Okay, Carrie LovesJesus. Freedom!

                                            Angel, I can say "communist, marxist, fascist."
                                                   And I know what those words mean.
                                                         Not to mention "Benghazi!"

                                                   This Just In... Carlos' appetite is loose!
                                                     Do not approach! May be dangerous!

And, Subway™ has lost...

                                                                      A "costumer."

Bummer for Subway™.

                                                   Shawn, If you utter her actual name,
                                                  she might appear. Like "Bloody Mary"
                                                                 or "Beetlejuice."
                                         Oh, and enjoy those $15 footlongs at Jersey Mikes™.

                                                                Uhm. Okay. What?

                                                                Thank you, Johnna,
                                             for providing The PC with the title of this post.
                                                       Go have a "Spicy Italian" on me!

 There is more. Go on over to Americans Against the Tea Party for the full story.

And, when you are done there, in case you think that this FLOTUS/ Subway™ hate is a brief fluke...

Go check out Subway's Facebook page for more, up to the minute, Obama hate. It's still going on.

Go ahead and "like" their page, while you are there.

So, what happened with Subway™?

I think it all started a few years ago, when they abandoned their trademarked "Tunnel Cut™" for the more mundane straight cut. From there, it was on to flat bread.

After that, it was a slide down the slippery slope to government mandated, toasted Obama-subs.

And, the terrorists have won.


Your old Uncle PC is feeling better.

But, not up to 100%, yet.

A huge thanks to John Prager over at AATTP.org for doing the heavy lifting on this one.

We are mere days away from The Blog's 2nd anniversary.

I am resting up to be ready for that.

See you soon!

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