Thursday, January 9, 2014

Random Fun Facts

The Argentinean Pink Fairy Armadillo is tiny, fuzzy and pink.

So, it should be totes adorbs, right?

                                             So why does this photo make my skin crawl?

Seriously. This is an actual thing? 

It looks like the sort of extra-terestrial critter that Khan Noonien Singh would put in your ear, to eat your brain!

Or, some kind of nightmarish, sentient condom.

Thanks to the Facebook page' "I Fucking Love Science," for sharing this...

And, for giving The Blog something new to haunt his nightmares.

(Go "like" their page. They have all sorts of awesome stuff.)

Also, too...

Chris Christie is a big, fat, bullying asshole, who makes Tony Soprano look like The Dali Lama.

But, you knew that, already.

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