Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Progressive Voices

If you have been following The Blog for the last month or so, you know that he has been super, fucking, pissed off about his local, liberal, AM talk radio station's move to the dark side.

Evidently, L.A.'s KTLK 1150 "Your Voice," aka: "Progressive Mainstream," aka: "All That's Left," listeners weren't gullible enough to buy enough "Hydrolize" eye cream, "Ovation Cell Formula" hair shit or "Dinovite" miracle doggie cure-all, and other bullshit...

                                                                   snake-oil products

That tend to advertise on AM talk radio, to keep on keeping on.

So, on January 2, 2014, KTLK's corporate owner, Clear Channel, made the only logical move...

They reinvented themselves as right-wing station, KEIB ( a reach-around to their new, flagship bloviator, Rush Limbaugh) 1150, "The Patriot."

Their new catch phrase, offensive to every KTLK listener, ever...

"True American Values."

The bloated bloviator El Rushbo is there.

So is the slope-headed Sean Hannity.

And, your PC's  "pundit most likely to go full Howard Beale, one of these days..."

The Messianic, self proclaimed, "Rodeo Clown.."

Glen Beck is there, too.

There are probably a few more, small time, conservo-pundits filling the other 15 hours.

Or, maybe, that time is filled with "paid programming" from Security Pacific Mortgage.

The PC doesn't really know.

I deleted AM 1150 from my radio pre-set on New Year's Day, because I would rather put pins in my eyes than, accidentally, listen to a minute of "The Patriot."

But. Clear Channel has probably found the demographic they are looking for.

Any listener stupid enough to by the shit this unholy trio is selling, might be more likely to by "Hydrolize"

Now, here is the good news...

A few posts ago, I told you about some of the alternative sources I had heard about, from third parties, to get your favorite progressive talkers.

At the time, these sources were untested.

After a three week, Christmas and New Year's, (Oh, fuck it...) Holiday hiatus, your PC returned to work today, and I was not about to make the drive to Hollywood without my favorite morning radio show.

Last night, I did a little bit of homework, and, lo and behold, Your Blog now has full access to his favorite Progressives  via his smart phone.

If you are, like The Blog, a progressive liberal, in a market that no longer has radio for you...

I have all the info-rama you need, tried and tested by me.


If you are not a progressive liberal, your Google™ search probably brought you here by mistake. And, that's okay. Sorry to disappoint you. But, there are no pictures of Pamela Anderson's boobs, here. If it's any consolation, there are a couple of nude pics of a young Eartha Kitt and Betty White somewhere on this space. Feel free to dig into The Blog's archives. You are welcome here.

"Come for the celebrity skin, stay for the liberal politics."


Where was I?

Oh, yeah.

Progressive talk.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, You can get Randi Rhodes via I <3 Radio. If you don't have the app, you can go to her web site and get to her channel from there.

Here's the great thing about Randi's channel...

She streams, live, from 3:00 PM EST / 12:00 PM PST. During the other 21 hours in between, her newest show re-streams. So, you can get her show 24/7.

Minimal commercials on her stream. But, that time has to be filled somehow. So the breaks are filled with generic, music library, filler music. It takes some getting used to. But, when you get down to it, five minutes of guitar riffs lifted from The Who are no less annoying than another "Life-Loc" commercial.

"I <3 Radio" offers some more bonuses for the liberally inclined.

Former "Air America" morning host Marc Maron's "WTF" podcast is there.

So is The Blog's old friend, Tiffany Granath.

I have not listened to her show, yet.

But, FYI...

Probably, seriously, NSFW.

Search the app for other talkers. You may find something you like.

Moving on...

The PC found the mother-lode of the progressive talk we need...

Go to ProgressiveVoices.com or download the Progressive Voices app to your smart phone.

(You do have a smart phone, right?)

PV live-streams so many progressive talkers.

Your Blog can listen to his beloved Stephanie Miller on his way to work, as he has done for the last decade. (6:00 AM PST, 9:00 AM EST)

When she is not live streaming, "highlights" of past shows are available for listening.

But, Wait! There's More!!!

PV has, among others...

Bill Press...

Ed Schultz...

Thom Hartman...

"Ring of Fire," (That's Robert Fucking Kennedy, Jr. bitches!)

And, Mike Malloy (who is such a loud, angry, liberal that he makes your Blog look like a teabagger, if you are so inclined.)

And PV doesn't just have live streams and pod-casts.

They also have "breaking news," "videos" and "blogs," tabs to enjoy.

And, all for free on the app!

The Blog has turned his radio off and gotten up to speed with the newest media.

All I need to do now is buy a decent amplifying speaker for my iPhone™.

Because resting my phone on my shoulder while I drive, so I can hear, isn't working out so well.

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