Friday, January 24, 2014

Temporarily Out of Service

For the last couple of days, The PC has been sick.

Hopped up on meds, he has spent the last few days going from bed, to work and to bed again.

Don't worry. I'm not that kind of sick.

I am suffering from an extreme allergic reaction to forrest fire smoke that is trying to become a full blown sinus infection.

If I was contagious, I certainly wouldn't go to work.

As far as you know.

My business, much like the jobs of the people who prepare and serve your food, doesn't have paid sick days.

Oh look! Your burger is ready!

One of my friends, a lovely, all natural, macro-biotic sort, insisted that I try some homeopathic bullshit that she swears by.

And, don't tell her, but after one day's dosage, I think it may be working.

But, I'm not going to push my luck.

I stopped in long enough to let you all know that I probably won't be posting for a few more days.

Thanks for hanging in there with me.

I will now return your internet service to breaking Justin Beiber news.

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