Thursday, January 16, 2014

Does Truth Matter?

In this day and age when semi-scripted, heavily produced and edited television shows are branded "Reality" shows...

When ideological propaganda/ entertainment aimed at a narrow, like minded, demographic can call itself "news..."

When we get our news from a comedy network and our comedy from a news network...

When any whiskey soaked doofus with an internet connection can write a blog...


Does truth hold value, anymore?

Of course it does. 

                Unless, of course, you are a Republican/ Conservative/ Christianist/ Tea Bagger.

This is something that has long frustrated your humble Blog when he has engaged his wing-nut friends and, occasionally, on-line strangers in the age old pastime of political discourse.

The PC's fundi-rightey friends will say something like...

                                                           "Obama isn't a Christian."


                                       "Obama is a communist, Marxist, socialist, Kenyan."


"Obamacare requires a photo I.D. to sign up. So why shouldn't one be required to vote."

The thing that all three of these statements, (and others,) have in common is...

They are all outright lies. Not a shred of truth to any of them. 

The Conserva-Christianists  are all about The Bible when quoting Leviticus 18:22 while hating on the gays...

(Sorry. Not "hating." "Loving the sinner and hating the sin." Which is a steaming pile of bovine fecal matter for another post. *Note to Self*)

All the while, they choose to ignore the inconvenient Ninth Commandment (or Eighth, if you happen to be Catholic or Lutheran.)

And bear false witness all over the place.

When presented with verifiable, irrefutable facts, instead of acquiescing and saying, "Okay, you're right. I stand corrected..."

They say words to the effect of, "Okay, maybe it's not really true. It's something that I saw on the internets, (and I can't be bothered to fact-check.) And, because it reinforces my world view, I saw fit to pass it along. It makes the point and feels true. And so, it's valid."

Your PC isn't the only one who has encountered this argument.

Way back in 2008, or thereabout, the brilliant satirist Stephen Colbert, playing the satirical role of conservative, bloviating, blow-hard, "Stephen Colbert," (or one of his equally brilliant writers,) coined a new word to describe this phenomenon.

This morning, the dangerous, explosive, Nazi, bag of gas...

                                                                   No, not this bag of gas...

                                                                    This gas bag...

Confirmed my point.
 "It's just every Republican who has entered the fray defending Christie has to put a caveat out there 'if he's telling the truth.' Now, if there were a fervent ideological foundation, if there was a substantive reason of believing in Governor Christie, then whether he lied wouldn't matter. They'd be out there defending him left and right just to make sure the Democrats don't get away with this."
Got that?

It's the ConservaPublicanChristoBagger philosophy in a (wing) nut-shell.

A true Republican with a pure ideology, would defend Christie, even if he is lying.

A tip 'o the hat to The Daily Kos for the Limbaugh spew. You can read the whole story here.

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