Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Nerd Alert

The PC is busy loading up his bullshit cannon and getting ready to aim it straight at his far-right Christianist friends who are, oh so obsessed with their God given right, (It's in The Bible. Google™ it) and desperate need to carry guns.

(Is The Blog's use of a gun analogy, above, maybe a bit hypocritical? Probably. Does The Blog give a shit? Probably not.)

Anyway, it will probably be a few nights before it's ready to post.

Until then, allow me to attempt to hold your attention with some mildly entertaining filler posts.

While perusing The Book of Faces, tonight...

                                                         This image caught my eye.

I followed it to it's origin site.

An awesomely nerdy site called, "GeeksAreSexy.net."

                                                                     Because, no shit.

                                                               And, seriously, no shit.

Your Uncle PC just browsed the site, briefly, tonight.

But, I think, based on what I saw, this may be my new favorite web site.

They share funny, geeky humor...

                                           Superman, Batman and Dr, Who in one image.


                         Here is a  geeky news post that makes The Blog wish he was on Twitter™.

                                                       (Stay tuned, I'm working on it.)

                                                               And then there was this ad.

That's right! A dating site for Trekkies! 


If you are here, visiting The PC, you are probably already nerdy, or close to it.

The PC says, "Check it out!"

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