Sunday, January 5, 2014

Life is What Happens...

Things don't always go as planned. Your PC had planned to do a theater review tonight.

The Bad News...

Mrs. Blog and I were supposed to have spent this afternoon laughing our asses off at The Falcon Theater in Toluca Lake. It has been Christmas tradition for us for nearly a decade.

I don't remember if I have ever mentioned The Troubadour Theater Company, here. I'll have to dig into my archives. If I have not ever talked about them, I have been remiss.

*Note to Self*

Do a Troubies post, soon.

In a nutshell, The Troubies' thing is to take a classic, usually Shakespeare, mash it up with the music of a particular rock band or, in some cases, genre, then turn the whole thing, hilariously, on it's head.

i.e. "Fleetwood MacBeth" or "Much A Doobie Brothers About Nothing."

At Christmas, they do the same thing. But they trade in The Bard for a beloved Christmas classic. A movie like "It's a (Stevie) Wonderful Life" or a TV special like "A Charlie (James) Brown Christmas."

This year's offering is...

We usually get to see these productions a few days before Christmas. This year, we were a little bit late getting our Falcon Theater subscription locked down, so our shows land later in the run than usual. Thus, our Christmas tradition landed on a Sunday after New Year's Day.

But, it was not to be.

Instead, we spent the day in the hospital.

Nothing too serious.

Mrs. Blog had to undergo a bit of, more or less, annual maintenance. Not the sort that can be scheduled. The sort that goes, "Surprise! It's time! Drop everything and get your ass to the hospital!"

The Good News...

"All's well that ends well." (To bring it back to The Bard.)

Mrs. Blog's usual, trusted, surgeon was out of town so he sent a colleague. Because the Mrs. is inclined to do so, she worked herself up into a tizzy, imagining an incompetent newbie, fresh off of the street.

As it turned out, the subbie surgeon was the same hero genius from a long ago post who stopped her bleeding in the E.R. with a single stitch after everyone else failed.

A big win!

*An Aside*

Mrs. Blog hates it when I post anything about her on line. Especially, her medical misadventures. I try to tell her that the handful of people that know her already know. Those who don't, don't.

So, if you are one of the half dozen people who read this blog who actually know and interact with her...

Please don't mention that you read this.


*End Aside*

More Good News...

I thought that today was the final Troubies performance of this winter's show. When I called The Falcon Theater box office to tell them to release our seats, I was informed that the show still has two more weeks. All we have to do is call ahead to see if any seats are available and we will be welcome to come any day.

So, we may yet see the show before it ends.

Shifting gears...

Still more good news...

Neil Gaiman has a blog!

Neil is one of The PC's most favorite authors.

He has written a whole bunch of awesome novels.

He co-authored, what may be, The Blog's #1 most favorite novel ever...

With another favorite author, Terry Pratchett.

He has also written a couple of "Dr. Who" episodes...

And a little comic book series that changed the American notion that comic books are kid's stuff...

                                                                      The Sandman.

The resemblance is probably a coincidence.

Okay, he's had a blog for years, but his posts have been painfully sporadic. He has been known to go for months, even years, without a post.

A couple nights ago, he announced, via Twitter, Facebook and his blog, that he is going to start posting on a regular basis. Not daily, at least not yet. But, a couple of times a week.

Your humble PC suggests that you check him out.

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