Friday, January 31, 2014

The Blog Turns Two. Now What?

Here it is.

The second anniversary of the birth of this blog.

Two years. 731 days. (If my math is correct and I figured the leap year properly.)

517 posts.


Now what?

The PC's first anniversary post was pretty celebratory. So much so, in fact, that it went on for two posts.

I hate to bum out my own party, but, this anniversary doesn't feel so special.

Maybe it's like a five year high school reunion.

Not enough has changed in such a short time. The captain of the football team hasn't gotten fat and bald, yet. Neither has the prom queen.

Five years or two, it just isn't a "milestone."

In the year since our first anniversary not much has changed in the world.

At least, not for the better.

We are still Second Ammendmenting people to death.

The Tea Party has gotten smaller, but crazier.

Small minded bureaucrats would rather feed trash cans than poor kids.

I guess that is one thing to celebrate. There is no shortage of things for your PC to be pissed off about. And a pissed off Blog is an active blog.

(That's me. Always finding the bright side.)

Another thing to celebrate...

I'm still here and, according to my stats page, so are you.

                                Let's take 2 and a half minutes for a little celebratory rock out.

Okay, that's enough.

About those stats...

They blew my mind a year ago and they continue to blow my mind.

Daily pageviews range from 30 to 130 on any given day.

Even when I don't post anything new.

Monthly views are averaging about 2,000.

Total pageviews since day one... nearly 38,000!

So, they may not be Huffington Post numbers, but for a blog that was set up with the expectation of entertaining 6-8 people, tops, not too shabby.

Over the last year, I have experimented with different kinds of posts and subjects.

That experimentation will continue.

And, if you have ever been offended by anything that I have had to say, and you are still here...

Good news!

The people who were offended in the past, who couldn't hack it and jumped ship, are no longer here. Freeing your Blog to pull out the few stops that were in place.

It's going to get more offensive around here, in the following weeks.

Strap on and enjoy the ride.

At this time last year, I gave you a few presents. Some of my favorite blogs and such.

If you have not checked any of them out, I am re-gifting them to you this year.

Go and enjoy.

But, I guess I should give you something fun to commemorate this night.

How about something cool?

I may be cool and you may be cool. But, none of us will ever be Neil Gaiman reading "Green Eggs and Ham" cool!

Here's to another year.

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